Divorce & Family Law

Family law involves complex issues and an emotionally charged environment. David Burgess represents clients in disputes over child custody, visitation, alimony and child support, and in negotiating prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. He is also a divorce mediator.

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Employment Disputes

David often advises clients about their rights on entering or terminating employment or consulting agreements. His clients range from mid-level professionals to upper-level executives.

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Business Disputes

David Burgess has over 25 years of experience representing companies and individuals involved in business disputes and other civil litigation.

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About Us


David Burgess specializes in representing businesses and individuals in the courts of Massachusetts and in helping couples negotiate the terms...

David Burgess

David Burgess has a litigation practice with an office in Concord, Middlesex County, Massachusetts (about 20 miles west of Boston)...


David Burgess founded this firm in 2000, after a decade of practice with two prominent Boston law firms...

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I started working with David at a low point personally and financially in a seemingly unsolvable legal situation that affected my entire life outlook. I was recently married and had spent nearly six figures on the so-called ‘big name’ law firms only to have the problem partially solved. David took my case and resolved two dockets with patience, perseverance and creative thinking. During difficult moments when I was losing hope David kept the fire of optimism burning. He was always fair and honorable in his accounting practices to the point where I was almost taken aback - in an industry that is notorious for over billing. While this all might seem like a paid commercial please believe me it is sincere when I state he is the exception to the common perceptions of attorneys. Keep David Burgess separate from the 1000 lawyers chained at the bottom of the ocean and well above sea level as a positive example for the industry!



We hired David to mediate our divorce after a nearly 30 year relationship. Things for us were tense but we wanted to get it done with little stress and fanfare. David was a calm presence who offered up all possibilities and worked hard to draw us both out so that each of us would have our say and that all details would aired and documented.

He prepared our court documents with attention to detail and patience after many edits. David allowed us to work much of this out via email allowing us to keep our expenses within budget.

He has since offered advice and answered questions as they come up as we finalize the process. David made a very stressful time much easier to get through and left me feeling that I was treated fairly and with respect.